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Warm Weather Activities


There are so many things to do here in the Park City area that a complete list would make your head swim. Here is a very partial list of some of the activities that you can engage in while you are here.  In addition to this there are attractions, cultural events, guided tours, galleries, fine dining, and shopping opportunities.

• Aerial Tours - you can get aerial tours via plane, helicopter, or hot air balloon.
• Bicycling
   o Mountain Biking – most of the wonderful trails that are so pleasant for hiking are also good for mountain biking. There are few things as wonderful as riding through one of our mountain forests or sage filled meadows with endless vistas.
   o Road Biking – In the past several years road biking has regained its previous appeal. Here in the Park City area we have many miles of high-quality roadway, with nice wide shoulders. When combined with our amazing summer weather you have a road biking paradise.
   o BMX Biking – we even have a dedicated BMX track that the kids can enjoy
• Boating
   o Boat and Water Craft Rental
• Bobsledding & Luge
   o Bobsledding – You may never get to be an Olympian, but you can still take a ride like one.
   o Dry Luge – when the ice melts from the Winter Sports Park’s bobsled/luge run, you can rent a luge sled with wheels, and take a ride. You won’t reach the speeds that they did in the 2002 Olympics, but it is a serious thrill never the less.
• Bowling
• Camping – There are something like 140 campgrounds within a 60 mile radius of where we live. You have no excuse not to go.
• Canyoneering/Rock Climbing/Rappelling
• Fishing
   o Fly Fishing – Our area has the distinction of having 4 blue ribbon trout streams within a couple hours’ drive. That is why people come from all over the world to try their hand at fishing our waters.
   o Lake Fishing – Utah has some amazing lake fishing too. Some lakes are stocked with monster trout, some have salmon, others have walleye, and the list goes on.
• Flying Sports
   o Flying – with the Heber City Airport so close by, many take advantage of nice days to go flying.
   o Gliding – The Heber City Airport rents gliders and provides lessons for those who would live to glide.
   o Hang Gliding – The point of the mountain is renowned for its cliffs and strong winds that make this area hugely popular with the hang gliding crowd.
   o Para Gliding - ditto previous
• Golfing – Perhaps it is because of our long winters, but it amazes me that Utah isn’t a golf mecca. We have so many really amazing courses and such wonderful weather so much of the year, you would think more people would come just for the wonderful golfing.
• Guest/Dude Ranches
• Hiking – Park City is known for its award winning trail system that is comprised of over 300 miles of trail. There are trail lengths and difficulties designed for every ability level. There are even certain trail systems that you can hike daily, and you can tailor each day’s hike to meet your daily energy level or time availability.
• Horseback Riding  – riding horses in our area is a very popular pastime, and considering the beautiful and varied terrain over our incredible trail system, combined with our great weather, it is no wonder.
• Hunting
• Kayak & Canoeing 
   o Kayak & Canoe Tours/Rentals 

• Motorcycling – Somewhere along the way baby boomers discovered the joys of riding the open road, and here in the west there is an awful lot of it. Perhaps this is why we have so many riders and motorcycle clubs here in our area. Polish up your baby and come join the fun.
• Off-roading
• River Running/Rafting 
• Running – Once again, because of our amazing trails and weather, there are many in our area who enjoy running most of the year. We also have some unique running oportunities here such as mountain run races, and the Ragner racing form was actually created here.
• Water Sports
   o Jet Skiing – if smaller watercraft are more your thing, the waters are a little cool, after all it is just snowmelt, but still fun.
   o Motor Boating – most of our drinking water is stored in reservoirs, therefore we have more than a couple of them.
   o Water Skiing – If you are into motor boating, it is likely that you are also into water skiing. Come out on the water and meet plenty of like-minded enthusiasts.
   o Sailing – If sailing is your thing, the almost daily canyon winds help to add to the excitemet on many lakes. There are few things nicer than a nice breeze on a warm day, the sound of a little luff in a sail and the chop slapping the hull. It is almost like a lullaby.
   o Windsurfing – the beautiful almost daily breezes that make sailing pleasant go double for windsurfing.
   o Swimming – while swimming in the reservoirs may be too cold for you, we do have some very nice community swimming facilities available in town, in   the Snyderville Basin, in Kamas, and in Heber City. 
• Visiting National & State Parks – Utah is famous for its many National & State parks, monuments, etc. If you are out here for any time at all you really must make it a priority to visit. The experience will be life changing.
• Exploring The Historic West – The west has such an interesting past that it would be a crime to not go exploring and adventuring. Unlike much of the rest of the country, there are still so many relics visible, and that just makes history come alive.
• Taking Tours – Here in Park City there are a number of tours that you can take that will not only tell you of the past, but allow you to see many of the remaining sites themselves.
• Tennis – there are quite a few tennis courts around the area, however the only indoor courts are at PC MARC.
• Guided Tours of all types
• Working Out – if you are into a good gym workout, there are quite a few to choose from, so you should have no problem finding just what you want.
• Ice Skating
   o Park City Ice Arena
      • This single-sheet Ice Arena is part of a sports complex. The Arena is host to several clubs, camps, tournaments, and special events.

Community Activities &Sports:
• Camps
• Clinics
• Classes
• Sports Leagues and Tournaments
   o Softball
   o Volleyball
   o Soccer
   o Rugby
   o Flag Football
 PC Recreation
   o Park City Recreation offers camps, clinics, classes, sports leagues and tournaments for both youth and adults, and operates the Municipal Athletic & Recreation Center. (MARC)
   o The MARC houses 4 indoor and 7 outdoor tennis courts, two outdoor pools, weights, cardio, group fitness classes, running track, bouldering wall and much more! Rentals of parks and sports fields are also available through Park City Recreation.
• Youth Activities include (but are not limited to)
   o Baseball & Softball
   o Basketball
   o Camps
   o Football
   o Lacrosse
   o Soccer
   o Taekwon-Do Class (youth & adult)
   o Toddler Time
   o Volleyball
   o Youth Crew
   o Rookie League Programs
   o Stretch-n-Grow


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